How PinRaise Works:

  1. Download the PinRaise App
  2. Locate a Merchant in the Network
  3. Make a Purchase
  4. Direct a Donation to Your Cause

Introducing PinRaise

  • Locate the merchant in the network

    PinRaise is a GPS capable app, use the map feature or the around me feature to locate a merchant that is closest to you. 

  • Make a purchase

    After you have completed your transaction, tap the “GIVE” icon located on the merchant’s page and enter the receipt number; in some instances the dollar amount of the purchase.

  • Direct a donation to your cause

    You will be asked to whom you would like to direct the donation (from your previously saved settings).

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Introducing PinRaise

Business with Heart

An easy and cost effective way to give back to your community and increase your traffic. PinRaise consumers buy 90% more often, spend 60% more per transaction, and are five times more likely to return to your business!

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  • PinRaise nonprofit organizations will broadcast to their members that your company is a “Business with Heart™.”
  • Members in the network will frequent your place of business to purchase goods or services.
  • You will donate a portion of a sale to a select group of local nonprofit organizations.

Customer’s responsibility- All managed through the PinRaise™ Mobile App.

*According to Nielsen Studies – Cause Marketing and Social Impact offer the highest ROI of all corporate branding initiatives.

*Nielsen reports that 66% of consumers prefer to do business with companies that give back to society, and 46% are willing to spend more for the same product to do so.

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Merchant Benefits


PinRaise provides a network that creates a means for your organization to generate perpetual income.

  • Simply broadcast to your membership that they download the “PinRaise” mobile application from the Apple or Google play stores.
  • The app will display every local “Business with Heart™“. Participating businesses include fast food restaurants, fine dining, salons, spas, car wash etc.
  • Your members simply do business by acquiring their goods or services and the business reciprocates by offering a donation.
  • PinRaise will assist you by providing custom marketing materials and even create “PinRaiser” day events!

Many businesses also offer special pricing and offers for PinRaise nonprofit members!

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Nominate a Business or Nonprofit

Please fill out this form to nominate a business or nonprofit:

*Nominating a business or nonprofit is not a commitment to participate. Nominees will be sent an invitation to participate email providing them with program details.

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