Broker with Heart™: Brokers Making a Difference

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PinRaise, Inc., creators of the Agent with Heart™ program, have developed a new branch of their program to welcome brokerages to their community through their latest initiative, Broker with Heart™.

Realty Times sat down with PinRaise, Inc. Chief Communications Officer Celeste O’Hara to discuss this new program and the many ways it can benefit brokerages everywhere. According to Mrs. O’Hara, “Broker with Heart functions in the same way as Agent with Heart in that real estate agents pledge to donate an amount of their choosing to a nonprofit of their client’s choice at closing. The big difference, however, is that now a broker can receive the Broker with Heart designation and invite their agents to participate as Agents with Heart.”

Broker with Heart also opens the opportunity to mortgage lenders and insurance brokers to pay it forward locally. “We’ve had mortgage and insurance brokerages that will match Agent with Heart donations, or simply donate on their own with each closing. Broker with Heart is truly fluid and inclusive of any type of broker that is interested in donating back to their community. Additionally, many mortgage and insurance brokerages love that Agent with Heart makes a great conversation piece and brings something new and different to the many breakfast meeting presentations they give in any given month.”

To date, the Agent with Heart program has been tremendously successful in generating thousands of dollars in donations to nonprofits around the country, and PinRaise anticipates generating exponentially more funds now that Broker with Heart has opened the opportunity to offices as well as individual agents. “We’re proud to have found a solution to social responsibility in the real estate industry as the call for giving back locally rings louder than ever, and we are confident that our partnership with brokerages across the country will assist us in our goal of donating to as many nonprofits as possible.”

Of course, brokerages that give back aren’t unheard of. In a competitive market where brokerages are currently setting up their own individual partnerships with specific nonprofits, O’Hara isn’t concerned. “What sets our programs apart from similar programs in existence is that, with Agent with Heart, the clients are responsible for choosing where their agent’s donation will be directed. For a client, being able to personally choose a nonprofit and know that the donation will be going to a cause that is close to their heart, versus a cause a client may know little about, is an empowering and meaningful experience, and one that leaves a lasting impact.”

Agent and Broker with Heart each have the ability to reach clients on a more personal level than others, with some clients even asking that their agent’s donation be made on behalf of a specific friend or family member related to their cause of choice. As O’Hara explains, “that type of personalization is rare and shows just how valuable our program is to clients.”

For agents and brokers alike there is explicit value in the extensive publicity PinRaise offers after each donation. “Competing programs may offer a donation service, however there is no one in the marketplace that offers the publicity after each donation for agents like we do,” says O’Hara. Each time a donation is made, PinRaise launches a round of online and social promotions with customized materials to recognize the agent and the donation they’ve just made. “Our agents love the promotions we offer for them and the fact that they can be recognized by a third-party rather than having to toot their own horn.”

In addition to promotions with each donation, PinRaise also provides its members with an arsenal of personalized materials for agents to utilize in their personal marketing, including an online advertisement that PinRaise places across various locations to promote that agent online.

With the opportunity now open to offices, brokers who are keen to differentiate their branch and would like to implement a program in support of social responsibility, or who already have a donation plan in place but would love the publicity with each donation, should give pause to consider Broker with Heart. “We welcome all branches to our program, and we look forward to the incredible donations we can accrue for nonprofits nation-wide with the help of our partnering brokerages and agents,” concludes Mrs. O’Hara.

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