The Solution For Creating New Business

PinRaise consumers buy 90% more often, spend 60% more per transaction, and are five times more likely to return to your business.

PinRaise is simple:

Our members patronize your establishment because, in addition to enjoying and paying for a fantastic meal, product, or service, a portion of the tab (an amount chosen by you) will be donated to their charitable cause.

For example: select a $1.50 donation and your actual cost of acquisition is less than $1.50 based on the donation tax savings. No other form of advertising generates new and repeat business at this low rate!

We do the work for you: 

Most noteworthy, the PinRaise app and staff manage everything–think of it as a tax deductible coupon! There is nothing more for you to do but open your doors and welcome your new and returning customers.

PinRaise directly promotes your business:

We bring you new business by directly promoting you through various outlets. Our Business Hall of Fame features your PinRaise ad and makes it easy for users to find you. In addition, we advertise your business on our marketing materials and social media outlets! Simply visit the PinRaise Facebook page to see our daily posts on every business on PinRaise.

If you’re ready to welcome new business and become a “Business with HeartHeart Pin™,” nominate your business here and a representative will provide you with more information.