School Fundraising with PinRaise

With the first day of school creeping just around the corner, now is the time to start considering your school’s fundraising options. We’ve got the perfect solution: The PinRaise™ mobile app!

PinRaise does the work for you!

The PinRaise mobile app is a great new way to raise funds without requiring the hassle of spending hours of planning or organizing to do it. All schools including their clubs, sports, and booster programs are welcome to be part of the app! It’s simple: there are hundreds of local Orange County businesses on our app willing to donate directly to you when you simply make a purchase. Your school receives a donation each time you go out to eat, get the car washed, or purchase any service through our app.

Best of all, our PinRaise mobile app and staff manage everything for you, making it convenient as well as incredibly easy to use. Once your school joins PinRaise our CCO, Celeste O’Hara, personally works with you to engage your members, beginning by providing customized materials and information. As a result, all that’s left for you to do is involve your school and decide what to do with your funds!

Engage your members & make school fundraising fun!

Our popular “PinRaiser nights” allow you to host events for your school at any Business with Heart™ on the app. Once you select the date and business, we organize the entire event for you. What’s more, we work with the business to increase their donation amount for that day so you make the most money as possible on your “PinRaiser Night.”

Additionally, our game function in the app offers a fun, competitive edge to your school fundraising!! The game is simple and completely customizable to your specific wishes. Users compete to win fun prizes by making the most PinRaise transactions for your school during a predetermined length of time! Again, the PinRaise app and staff manage the game for you.

Easily fundraise all year long!

Most importantly, having your school on PinRaise gives you the opportunity to make recurring revenue all year long–not just during the school year. Use PinRaise all year to bring you easy recurring revenue without having to lift a finger. Well, except to tap the “Give” button!

Are you ready to start easily earning funds for your school? Register your school today! Simply visit!