Fundraising for Nonprofits – Announcing the PinRaise™ Mobile App Launch

pin-raise-iconLas Vegas NV –  PinRaise™ launches a mobile fundraising platform.  The free app is now available for Android and Apple smart phones through their associate play stores (search pinraise).

This app has the potential to revolutionize nonprofit fundraising!

The model is simple; download the free app, look for a local business, i.e. restaurant, dry cleaner, carwash or even doctors and dentists. Once you make a purchase select one of the listed local nonprofits and enter the last 4-6 numbers of your receipt.

By doing business with the company, you direct a donation to your favorite cause.  The donation is paid by the company; we call them a “Business with HeartBusiness with Heart™™”.

Signups have commenced in the Orange County, California community, calling on local businesses and nonprofits (the program is free to all nonprofits).

If you do not see your charitable cause or your favorite business, you may nominate them on the PinRaise website (there is no obligation, we will contact and invite them to the PinRaise network).

The PinRaise mobile app will change the way we think of fundraising and the way a business may grow repeat business. The app empowers consumers to do business with local merchants willing to give back a portion of a purchase to community nonprofits.

The merchant determines the amount they wish to donate. It may be 50¢ for buying a meal deal or $200 for buying a new car. Consumers may frequent the business as often as they like as the donations are ongoing. The app also allows for the promotion of special offers only available to PinRaise app users.

pinraise-01As part of the program, each participating merchant receives the “Business with Heart™” designation.

The app will display the participating “Business with Heart” merchants nearest the user’s current location. This identification is displayed on the area map and listed in the app’s “Around Me” tab. Businesses receive a full screen advertisement noting their phone number, directions and website.

Nonprofits have a huge opportunity to direct the buying power of their members to do business with merchants that are willing to donate to their cause.

Once a purchase has been made, the user can simply choose one of their pre-selected nonprofits and enter the last 6 digits of their receipt. Earned donations are automatically delivered to the nonprofit organization on a monthly basis.

icon-giveIt’s a huge win for both nonprofits and “Business with Heart” members.  Nonprofits are empowered to generate funds on a regular and consistent basis and the business enjoys repeat and loyal business at a cost of offering a discount coupon.

All types of businesses are welcome to participate. This includes restaurants (fast food and fine dining), car washes, drycleaners, salons, spas, automotive sales and repair, and professional services. The merchant pays a low $25 advertising fee monthly to participate in the program.

All nonprofits are welcome to join, including PTAs, band boosters, social clubs, sports groups, scout organizations, churches and charities. There are no out-of-pocket expenses for the nonprofit.

Interested businesses and nonprofits may learn more and register on