About Us

About UsPinRaise Inc. charter is to promote the charitable services of others,  empowering individuals with the location of businesses willing to “give back” to the community;  allowing the individual the ability to direct a donation to their individual cause.

The PinRaise™ application encourages and directs users to select and then patronize the PinRaise™ network of sponsored businesses. These “Business with Heart®” sponsors redirect a portion of each transaction automatically to that user’s personal charitable cause.

Our model creates an environment that allows a business to benefit with new and ongoing repeat customers creating a superior loyalty platform.

Mission Statement

To transform the way consumers think about generosity and participate in charitable giving by creating a nationwide network that enables consumers to select a business, service, or product that they need or want, based upon an immediate  contribution to that consumer’s favorite charitable cause.

PinRaise Inc. headquarters is located in Las Vegas, NV with a branch office in Yorba Linda, CA. The president and founder of the firm is John Giaimo who has been a successful startup entrepreneur with experience managing a publicly traded company.linked-in-sm